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CablePrep SCT-540QR kábelfúró

ÁR: 52000 Ft

/ Nettó ár, nem tartalmazza a 27% ÁFA-t /

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Cable Prep SCT-540QR, Coring Stripping Tool, Black Anodized Aluminum, 0.540" Quantum Reach Cables.

SCT-QR stripping/coring tools strip back and bevel the outer conductor, core the dielectric, and strip back the outer jacket on CommScope Quantum Reach (QR) cables.

Note: Because the jacket must be stripped after coring, SCT tools for QR applications include a special, integrated jacket stripper made especially for this purpose.



  • Perform three functions at once
  • Perfectly aligned coring & stripping blades
  • Prevent O-ring damage
  • Operate manually or with a drill
  • Available with plastic or aluminum body


SCT-QR stripping/coring tools work on 0.320" through 1.125" CommScope Quantum Reach (QR) cables.



  • Three Functions in One Operation:

    SCT-QR tools speed connectorization because they strip back and bevel the outer conductor and core the dielectric in one smooth operation.

  • Non-Clogging Stops:

    There is a non-clogging internal stop on every SCT-QR tool that is factory-set to the required dimension for the cable.

  • Patented Stripping and Coring Blades:

    The bevel on the coring edge of the blade self-aligns on the center conductor, which enables an SCT-QR tool to core cable even when it is out-of-round. Made of tool steel that is heat treated to full hardness, the blade bevels the outer conductor, thereby eliminating O-ring damage and minimizing water migration.

  • Perfectly Aligned Cutting Edges:

    The patented one-piece blade guarantees proper alignment of the two cutting edges. 
    Manufactured from high-alloy tool steel that is heat treated to full hardness, the beveled edges remain sharp over a long life.

  • Precision Performance:

    SCT tools core the dielectric and strip the aluminum sheath without scoring.
    The blade leaves a beveled outer conductor edge that eliminates O-ring damage, thereby minimizing water migration.

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  • Manual or Drill Operation:

    SCT tools can be ordered with a standard ergonomic handle or a Cable Prep brand RTH ratchet T-handle. 
    Either handle can be removed for operation with a 3/8-inch variable speed drill.

  • Aluminum Housing:

    SCT-QR tools come with an aluminum body.

  • Attached Jacket Stripping Tool:

    Because the jacket on QR cable must be stripped after the coring operation,
    each SCT-QR stripping/coring tool (labeled SCT-QR-A) 
    comes with a special jacket stripping tool (labeled SCT-QR-B).
    The two pieces are threaded, so they can be assembled and stored as one unit,
    which protects the insides of the parts from damage.
    The jacket stripper is designed with a patented mandrel pin that 
    supports the soft aluminum outer conductor and keeps it from being damaged 
    during the jacket stripping operation.

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