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Cablematic Ripley MWSS 500

ÁR: 51990 Ft

/ Nettó ár, nem tartalmazza a 27% ÁFA-t /

Termék leírás

Messengered Web Slitter/ Shaver ( MWSS )

  • MWSS is a dual function tool designed to remove the cable messenger by slitting the web, then shave the residual web material leaving a smooth surface on the cable jacket
  •  Precise shaving of web material allows for proper cable preparation using a standard jacket stripping
    or coring tool
  • Alignment slot in cable tray insures precise shaving of the residual web material after the slitting operation
  • Slitting blade is factory set, but shaving blade can be field adjusted
  • Spring loaded blade shield secures the cable into the tray
  • Blade shield designed to protect the user from injury and the blade from damage

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